Current Appearances

Current Appearances
by Michael G. Zey, Ph.D.





Dr. Zey’s new book, The American Future: The Seven Keys to Reviving US and Global Prosperity, to be published in mid-2017, by Sunstone Press.







Dr. Zey will appear at the World Future Society international conference to be held in Washington DC, Washington Hilton. He will be speaking at a panel discussion on Health and Longevity. Zey’s topic is “Smart and Smarter: How the Intelligence-Enhancement Revolution Will Lead to a Better World.”




Michael Zey’s article appeared in the June 2  2016 “American Thinker.” The article is entitled “Americans Deserve A Presidential Recall Option,”  and describes part of Dr. Zey’s vision of fundamentally reforming the American presidency, the executive branch of government, and the administrative state. published Michael Zey’s article “New hacked documents reveal DNC financial reports, donors' personal data” on June 19, 2016




Michael Zey presented a lecture on the subject “The Challenges and Opportunities of the Virtual Work Team” based on his peer-reviewed work on the topic at Montclair State University.


April published Michael Zey’s article “Boost workers' minds, bodies to jump-start the US economy” on April 17, 2016


 February published Michael Zey’s article “China at nuclear energy cutting edge with floating power plants” on February 13, 2016






December published Michael Zey’s article “News search engines miss poll showing Trump, Carson beating Hillary” on December 12, 2015




Michael Zey’s article “New car gizmos can't stop per capita auto sales decline” was published on November 2, 2015 by




Dr. Michael Zey co-published an article “Team Composition of New Venture Founding Teams: Does Personality Matter?“ in the peer-reviewed elite management journal The International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research . The other authors were Wencang Zhou and Huajing Hu of Adelphi University. This appears in the journal’s Winter Quarter edition.




>Dr.  Zey’s article “THYNC brings electronic mood enhancement to consumer market” was published by The Examiner August 24, 2015.




>Dr. Zey’s article “Speeding into the Future” appeared in a number of New Jersey papers on July 26, 2015. In the article Zey predicted that within a decade or two hypersonic land and space travel, hydrogen-fueled automobiles, and a trans-Atlantic highway will radically transform the way Americans and others travel.


>The Cyber New Service, ( published Michael Zey’s article “The Emerging Consensus on a Failing Recovery” on July 15, 2015




.>Dr.  Zey’s article “Millennials Big Losers in Stagnant ‘Recovery’” appeared on on June 26, 2015




> Dr.  Zey’s article” Weak US Economic Data Forces Federal Reserve to Postpone Rate Hike” was published by on April 19, 2015.






> Dr.  Zey’s article ”Chapwood, Shadowstats say US inflation much higher than official figure” was published by on February 15, 2015




December published Dr. Zey’s article “After Orion: US Faces Many Competitors in 21st Century Space Race” on December 14, 2014.




Dr. Zey appeared on the Comcast Cable System to discuss his new book Ageless Nation, and also describe what he describes as “The Coming War Against Superlongevity.”


>The Cyber News Service, ( published Michael Zey’s article “Americans Demand Prosperity, Not a Faux Recovery!” on November 5, 2014


October published Dr. Zey’s article “Most New Jobs Going to Older Adults, As Younger Groups Lose Ground” on October 6, 2014.


August published Dr. Zey’s article “Yellen, Citing Labor "Slack," Could Keep Rates Near Zero Through 2015” on August 4, 2014.



Michael G. Zey will speak at the 2014 World Future Society Conference. Dr. Zey will address the conference on the "The Impact of Longer Lives on the Careers, Retirement, and the Economy."," The conference will be held at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort, Orlando, Florida. July 10,2014.



In June 2014 an updated version of Michael G. Zey’s recent book, Ageless Nation: The Quest for Superlongevity and Physical Perfection, was  published by Transaction Books, Piscataway New Jersey, the social science publisher of record. The book was issued in trade paperback format. The book will also be available in e-book format.


Dr. Zey appeared on “The View from the Other Side “ on the Comcast Cable System to discuss the new edition of his book Ageless Nation. published Dr. Zey’s article “Muse Headband Opens Way to Enhanced Human-Computer Interface” on June 5, 2014.




Dr. Michael G. Zey appeared on Blog Talk Radio's "Youth for Independence” to discuss the impact of Obamacare on jobs, the economy, and healthcare.

Michael Zey's article "RAND: Only 858,000 Bought Insurance Under Obamacare--Support For Law Drops!" appeared on the April 6 2014 edition of


Dr.  Michael G. Zey's article " 3D Babies Provides Parents 3D-Printed Model of As-Yet-Unborn Baby" appeared in the February 5, 2014 edition of


Michael G. Zey's interview on emerging economic, social, political, and health care trends for 2014 appeared in USAToday, January 1, 2014. Dr. Zey predicted that the economy would continue on a low-growth trend, and said misgivings about Obamacare and the economy could lead to the GOP regaining control of the Senate.




Michael G. Zey’s article “Longer Lives, Longer Careers” appeared in The Newark Star-Ledger. The article deals with the impact of Superlongevity on careers, jobs, health care, retirement patterns, and the social safety net, and includes recommendations for business, government and individuals to cope with new demographic trends.



Michael G. Zey, Ph.D. addressed the New Jersey chapter of MENSA, the organization for the gifted and the intelligent. The meeting took place Nov. 8, 2013 at the Woodbridge Hilton, Woodbridge, NJ. Dr. Zey’s topic was “Guidelines To the Future: Prognosticating and Predicting in an Unpredictable World.“


Michael Zey appeared on the Youth Independent Radio program to discuss the government shutdown and its effect on the economy.’s National Future Trends Expert Dr. Michael G. Zey published an article on President Obama’s re-election and the role played by seemingly extraneous events such as Hurricane Sandy and the IRS investigations of the Tea Party. The article is entitled “Obamacare Debate Sparks Fresh Look at Obama’s Re-Election.”


Michael Zey’s article “Is Part-Time Employment America’s New Normal?” was published in the Examiner on August 2013. Zey is the National Future Trends analyst for


Dr. Michael G. Zey appeared on Cablevision’s “Liberty Action” program to discuss “Social Issues of an Ailing Economy.” He discusses the evolution of the job market to a largely part-time work force. He examines the jump in the number of suicides in the US (esp. among youth and Boomers), the increased use of anti-depressants, and the reduction in new home sales, car sales, and miles-driven. He discusses job strategies and career alternatives, as well as policy changes to reverse America’s downward trend.;amp;amp;feature=c4-overview&list=UUY-p03hREDFJxE8XpDtRIcQ


On May 14, Michael G. Zey participated in a panel discussion on US policy on immigration and the prospect for immigration reform. The discussion was held at Montclair State University. Other participants included Dr. Murray Sabran, former Libertarian NJ gubernatorial candidate, . This was televised nationally via, and because of the technological innovations (smart phone cameras, live stream via Youtube) involved in the broadcast, the Library of Congress requested a copy of the program for their records.


Michael Zey’s article “As US Workforce Shrinks, Disability Claims Skyrocket!” appeared on, April 9, 2013. The article describes the worsening job market, and the tendency of more Americans to seek financial help via the SSI disability program.


Michael G. Zey made a second appearance on Cablevision’s “Liberty Action” program. In this program he discussed the status of the US economy. Topics covered: stagnant wages, high youth unemployment, disappearance of full-time workers, and destructive QE policies pursued by Federal Reserve.


Michael G. Zey appeared on Cablevision’s “Liberty Action” program discussing the coming impact of Obamacare on the US economy and health care system. The program ran several times throughout February and March of 2012.

In his column, National Future Trends contributor Michael G. Zey weighed in on the issue of privacy, and how it is being impacted by drones and government spying on citizens. The article is titled “Unmanned Drones, Spying DVRs Spark Privacy Concerns Across US.”


Dec 2012


Michael G. Zey’s article “Number of US Full-time Workers Stagnant, As Incomes Languish,” takes a candid look at the full-time worker crisis in America. The article anticipated the literal disappearance of new full-time jobs in the first half of 2013 as the impact of Obamacare was felt throughout the economy.

November 2012

Dr. Michael G. Zey had his article published in the Fall 2012 edition of Journal of International Management Studies. The title of the article was “Virtual Teams: The Problems And Possibilities Of Computer- And Cyber-Based Work Groups In Modern Organizations.”

Dr. Michael G. Zey appeared on “The Boomer and the Babe” radio program to discuss the economy’s impact on Baby Boomers’ prospects for retirement.

October 2012

Michael Zey’s article “Gallup: Only 45% of Americans Over-18 Have Full Time Jobs” appeared in the Oct. 19, 2012 edition of

On October 18, 2012 Dr. Michael Zey appeared on “Youth for Independence” radio to discuss the impact of the economy on the upcoming election.

Dr. Michael G. Zey was invited to speak at the annual conference of the International Association of Business and Economics, held Oct 2012 in Las Vegas Nevada. His topic “Virtual Teams: How Modern Organizations Can Cope with the New Challenges of Cyber-based Work Groups.”

June 2012

Michael Zey’s article “College Class of 2012 Facing a Dismal Job Market” appeared June 30, 2012 on

April 2012

Michael G. Zey’s article appeared on April 15, 2012. The article was entitled “Large Companies Creating More Jobs Overseas Than in US.”

Michael G. Zey’s article “Weak Us Economy Slowing Births, Marriage, Homeownership” appeared on April 6, 2012. Http://Www.Examiner.Com/Article/Weak-Us-Economy-Slowing-Births-Marriage-Homeownership


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